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Welcome to Wikipedia, the SZEINER Software Company on the Lusorion Creatives community, which is designed to get more insight into their projects.

DEVELOPER - SZEINER Software Company

PUBLISHER - Lusorion Creatives


Azulgar: Star Commanders - Is a Sci-Fi Action oriented Sandbox Roleplaying gamewith FPS Elements that puts you in command of a space ship, space station and a fleet in a massive sandbox universe.

ENCELADUS - 2D survival game with horror theme. The story of the game takes place on the Enceladus moon, where humans founded a 2117 colony including several research stations to explore mysterious artifacts found on both the ice cloak and the ice of the moon. However, in the year 2132, organisms appeared. The game begins in 2133.

NEO: COMMANDERS - It is an online strategy game where one of the Alliance's commanders is fighting over the solar system.

FLORPS - Become a hero in the card game florps and use the fruit and vegetable rounds to control the battlefield.

Software and utilities:

RUN - program for mediating on-line communication between clients on the basis of Unity3D under the conditions of maintaining compatibility with Mono runtime and the possibility to run Run as a server application on both Windows and Linux or MacOs.

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